Samiland is part of the worldwide UNESCO Observatory Cultural Village program.
Indoor and outdoor exhibition presents the history and present day of the European Union’s only indigenous people, the Sami.
In the indoor exhibition, visitors can study the national costumes and everyday objects of the different Sami groups.
Visitors can read stories about old reindeer herders and observe, in real time, the movements of a reindeer with a GPS transmitter collar.
Explore traditional Sami buildings in the outdoors exhibition.
Get close to reindeers and feed them with lichen.
Samiland offers also guided tours with traditional Sami joiku (yoik) singing as an optional extra.
Seasonal workshops offer fun activities such as Sami handicraft or suopunki (reindeer lasso) throwing.

Entrance fees

Adults 10 €
Students and retired persons 8 €
Groups(min. 10 persons) 8 €/hlö
Children (0-6years) vapaa pääsy
Children (7-16) 7 €
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children) 20 €
Guided tour(1h, max 25 persons)* 100 €
Guided tour with yoik song performance(1,5h, max 25 persons)* 290 €
Lichen to feed the reindeers in the reindeer yard (valid during the winter period) 3 €/pss

* Guided tours have to be ordered in advance. Persons attending the guided tour are needed to purchase the entrance fee also.
Entrance fee includes coffee, tee or warm juice in the cafeteria after the visit to the Samiland.

Levi Express-gondola and Samiland package tickets

Adults 14,50 €
Students and retired persons 12,50 €
Groups(min. 10 persons) 12,50 €/person
Children (0-6years) 4,50 €
Children (7-16) 11,50 €
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children) 38,00 €

Package tickets are available from following locations: Zero Point, Hotelli K5 Levi, Lapland Hotels Sirkantähti, Hotelli Hullu Poro, Levi-info, Sokos Hotel Levi.

Opening hours

Samiland is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00, while Hotel Levi Panorama is open. Other times on agreement. Tickets available from Levi Summit cafe.